We at Edprosys India Pvt. Ltd have a strong vision to revolutionize the Indian educational sector. Having one of the largest population in the world , we must invest and develop the educational sector.

Through our teams expertise we help schools to strengthen their system by providing a unique mobile application platform which has separate modules for Administration , Teachers , Students and Parents.

Our Team

We are a team of highly skilled technocrats, visionary, business administrates. Our team values innovation and is well aligned with our mission and vision.

Mr. Suraj Kumar Gantayat

Founder, Director & CEO

Mr. Suraj is the founder of EDPROSYS with a diverse experience of 5 years in various startups and Institutions of Study within a short span of time. He done his Ph.D from IITB

Mr. Bipin Kumar Tulo

Co-founder & COO

looking after the product implementation in schools, sales cycle and lead the support team.

Mr. Braja Kishore Mishra


Mr. Mishra serves as a Director at Calorx Education Company Pvt Ltd. The ranking by Business World has rated His relevant work experience coupled with his extremely positive outlook and marketing acumen attracted a host of top Oil and Gas majors’ viz. Shell, Aramco, El Paso to partner Welspun across continents.

Mr. Shubhranshu Pani


Presently Serving as Global Regional Director Infrastructure for JLL India since April 2015.

Mrs. Jeroo Billimoriya


Founder & Managing Director of Child and Youth Finance International an award-winning international NGO.

Mrs. Vinni Nahata Bhandari

Board Member & Advisoror

Vinni N. Bhandari is a technology and marketing oriented entrepreneur with a unique focus upon the
global education marketplace. Her background spans the spheres of marketing, technology and education and she brings all three skills to her work in the education arena in her current role as the Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Onramp Education LLC.

In Aug 2016-Thita App is Ready

August 10, 2016

Thita app is ready for first preview 3 apps distributed in schools.

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In June 2016- Application Design

June 3, 2016

Application Design for school administration. Challenge “How to fit in the mobile devices”

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In May 2016-Implemented

May 11, 2016

Implemented in 10 schools & Featured in MHRD.

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In 2016 March-Design a product

March 17, 2016

Hardware devices & testing in 2 schools in Powai including KV.

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In Feb 2016- Survey & Marketing Analysis

February 3, 2016

Gets the important requirement regarding making money idea to design a devices to track the attendance.

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In 2015, Dec- CCD, Hirandani Garden

December 17, 2015

Lets do some in rotation do education sector quadratic equation problem. “How to teach all student with loss effect group of 5 IITians.

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